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Unique Value Propositions

  • Streamlined ALCO Process
  • Minimize regulatory burdens and operational tasks with TFO functions and the live support of experienced TFO advisors on transactional and regulatory ALM issues; ALCO and regulatory reports for transaction available

  • Evaluate Transactional Ideas with Analytics
  • Use THC's research and analytics to initiate and direct transactions. When applied to the TFO network, these ideas can expand business opportunities; comprehensive whole loan analysis with decomposition of values

  • Lower Expenses
  • Reduce traditional transaction costs by utilizing transparent peer-to peer transactions within the TFO network; match cashflow funding, optimized using rates specific to your institution and the transaction; the optimized rate can be used to determine the margin

  • Gain and Retain Trusted Relationships
  • Enhance existing sales coverage or find new specialists. TFO is designed to work with your existing execution processes; comprehensive communication system to enable you to monitor multiple transactions with audit trail

  • Exclusive Access to TFO Network Information
  • Gain market intelligence through exposure to peer-to-peer pricing and proprietary analysis of industry trends; peer group comparison lets you compare your dashboard with your selected peer group

Unique Value Propositions

A five step ALM transaction made simple

  1. Requirements: comprehensive color coded comparison to identify ALM needs at a glance
  2. Construct Strategies:THC proprietary models providing strategies for considerations
    1. Select Investments:wide range of assets/liabilities loans, securities and fundings available
    2. Optimize Funding Rates:unique optimal funding based on balance sheet requirements and institutional/transaction specific market rates
  3. Analyze Alternative Strategies: ease of use in conducting cost/benefit analysis
  4. ALCO Reporting: reports available for ALCO meeting
  5. Negotiate with counterparties: comprehensive functions for the negotiation process to be scalable.

Furthermore: Access comprehensive ALM functions which are limited only by using CALL data. THC can assist you in using account level information. You can download EVE and EaR reports from the list of reports.

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