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THC Financial Officer™(TFO)

ALM Transactional Network

  • Unique info source for ALCO meetings
  • market quotes from capital markets and loan markets
  • balance sheet strategy simulations
  • buyer/seller negotiation platform
  • optimize funding, investment

THC Risk Officer™(TRO)

ALM Dynamic Simulations

Comprehensive cloud-based ALM Solution for banks and credit unions
  • functions include: trade simulations, financial simulations, budgeting, regulatory reports, management reports
  • Analyses are based on CALL or data provided to THC

THC Decisions®

ALM Technologies Center

Comprehensive financial engineering tools
  • C++ financial object library
  • Install-base investment and ALM solutions
  • real time pricing and risk analytical systems

THC Advisory Services

ALM Knowledge-based Solutions

Comprehensive customized service
  • Quarterly Report Review
  • Capital planning and strategic planning
  • Deposit account and prepayment model study and backtesting
  • Contingency Funding Plan
  • Pricing/analysis of loans
  • Loan buy/sell transaction
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